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Beginner/Intermediate Programme courtesy of Gillian O'Sullivan

Weekdays/During week: Mon and Wed or Tue and Thur: 1-1.5 hrs

Week 1: Feb 26/27:12/10miles (22)
Week 2: March 5/6: 12/10 (22)
Week 3: March 12/13: 15/10 (25)
Week 4: March 19/20: 15/10 (25)
Week 5: March 26/27: 20/10 (30)
Week 6: April 2/3: 20/15 (35)
Week 7: April 9/10: 25/15 (40)
Week 8: April 16/17: 25/15 (40)
Week 9: April 23/24: 30/15 (45)
Week 10: April 30/1: 35/15 (50)
Week 11: May: 7/8: 20/15 (35)
Week 12: May 14/15: 10/12 (22)


• Make sure that you do a little stretching before you start the walk. Stretch after you complete it especially if you are driving back from your location. A hot bath with Epsom salts will also help ease out aches and pains.


• Have a good breakfast before you leave. Leave an hour between breakfast and when you start the walk.
• A good breakfast includes porridge, muesli or scrambled eggs and bread. Make sure you are well hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Avoid excess tea and coffee as they are dehydrating.

Food whilst walking
• Suitable snacks include fruit (bananas, apples, pears, and dried fruits)
• High calorie snacks include fruit cake, home made flap jacks and muffins protein bars and a handful of mixed nuts.
• Lunch options can include soup and brown bread with chicken/turkey and salad or boiled egg with brown bread.
• In the days in between walks, eat good carbohydrates ( potatoes, rice, brown pasta and wholemeal bread), lean protein (chicken, turkey, lean steak and eggs)Drinks
• Bring plenty of water. Drink every 20-30 mins. Take small sips at intervals consistently.
• A good rehydrating drink is diluted orange, water and a pinch of salt.
• If drinking sports drinks, it’s a good idea to dilute them as they are quite concentrated and high in sugar.

Food to avoid
• High fat foods such as sausages, bacon, high fat cheese, white bread and high sugar cereals.

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